East v. West Showdown

west v. east
We are excited to announce a new twist to the 2013 Big River Running Company High School 4K at the USA Cross Country Championships. We know that Missouri cross country athletes love to debate which side of the State has the better runners. Well, here is your chance to find out! We will divide the State in half geographically and score the top five boys from and the western side of Missouri against the top five boys from the eastern side of the State. We will do the same thing for the girls. 

Here's how it works:

There is no need to sign up for this special showdown. You will be asked for your address when you sign up for the race. We will use that address to determine which team you will be on. The results will automatically pull the top five boys and girls from each side of the State to determine the winning teams. The tiebreaker, should it be needed, will be the sixth runner's place. If you are one of the top seven runners on the winning side you will receive a special award (TBD). 

So how did we decide the dividing line? The official middle of Missouri is Miller County with a longitude of 92.4811 degrees. We rounded it off so Columbia at 92.3339 degrees will be our dividing line. Anything greater than 92.3339 and you're on the West team. Anything less than that and you're on the east team. Hey...we've got to be official right! If you aren't sure whether you'd be on the west team or the east team just do an internet search for your town and "longitude." It will tell you right away. The internet is amazing that way!

So there you have it. Yet another awesome reason to run the Big River Running Company High School 4K at the USA Cross Country Championships. See ya there!


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