Saturday Workouts

2012 open women 8kEvery Saturday beginning on January 5th we will be hosting FREE cross country workouts on the official Championship course at Central Fields in Forest Park at 9am. Each Saturday will feature a different workout and experienced coaches, including meet director Ben Rosario, will be on hand to lead you through your "practice." These workouts will be perfect for anyone running any of the events at the meet including the Community and High School races. Don't worry how fast or slow or how old are young you are. It will be a blast for everyone!


Saturday January 5th:

9:00am- Warm-Up, Strides, etc.
9:15am- Workout = Fartlek! 4 miles of 2 minutes "on" 1 minute "off" on the course

Fartlek is a swedish term for speed play. Fartleks are a staple in just about every high school and college cross country program. We'll show you guys the course and blow the whistle when you're supposed to be "on" and then again when you're supposed to be "off." The "on" segments should be hard (race pace effort) and the "off" segments should be done at an easy recovery pace. 

Saturday January 12th:

9:00am- Warm-Up, Strides, etc.
9:15am- Workout = Tempo Run. 3-5 miles total.

The Tempo Run is a classic! These should be done at slower than race pace but still at a very hard effort. We'll have pace charts on hand to determine your goal pace for this workout based on your 5k times.

Saturday January 19th:

9:00am- Warm-Up, Strides, etc.
9:15am- Workout = 12-16 x 400 with 1 minute rest between repeats

This is a tough one but a fun one! Everyody remembers doing "quarters" if they ran high school cross country or track. We'll have the 200 meter points marked and you'll be doing these on the actual race course. We'll try to start at slower than race pace and then work our way down to faster than race pace by the end.

Saturday January 26th:
9:00am- Warm-Up, Strides, etc.
9:15am- Workout = 3-5 x 1 mile with 3 minutes rest in between repeats. 

Oh boy...the dreaded mile repeats! These are tough but they'll get you ready for the race. We'll run these at goal race pace on the course. This is the most race specific of all the workouts we'll do over these four weeks. If you can hit this one you'll be ready to go on February 2nd!

Questions about the Saturday workouts? Contact Ben Rosario by clicking here.

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