St. Louis Running and Walking Trails

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TRAIL DESCRIPTION:The Chubb is a seven-mile dirt and gravel trail between West Tyson County Park and Lone Elk Park (14 miles round-trip). It has very challenging hills and some nice flat stretches. Terrain is rocky and can be muddy long after rains or floods. After those tough climbs you are often rewarded with great views.

The first four miles, starting at the Tyson Trailhead, are primarily steep climbs and descents. The middle three miles are flat, following the river bank (very much like Stinging Nettle Trail at Castlewood). A mile or so of uphill fire roads brings you to Lone Elk Park at the other end.

Starting at the Lone Elk trailhead a nice 4.5 mile loop can be run by doing the Castlewood loop, a lesser known trail loop. At the bottom of the huge hill look to the right for a small tunnel that goes underneath the train tracks, once you hit the main trail on the other side stay right and take the trail counter-clockwise till you reach the railroad tracks again. This time cross the tracks and head back to the trailhead. This can be added when doing the entire Chubb to make for a truly epic day.

The seven-mile trail was developed by St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources through the cooperative effort of the Meramec River Recreation Association, which is creating a 108-mile natural corridor along the Meramec by joining together parks and trails.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Chubb trail gives runners and walkers a chance to escape the roads and the crowds and enjoy a truly beautiful nature area just minutes away from I-270. The best way to experience the trail is to run with a partner and park at one end, drive to the other and run back to the car. This is also a great place to escape the heat in the summer as most of the trail is shaded. Enjoy!

DIRECTIONS: From St. Louis , go west on 1-44. Get off at Lewis Road Exit 266. Enter West Tyson Park , go up the hill to the end of the road and park. Or, the other end of Chubb Trail can be reached by exiting 1-44 at Meramec Road (Hwy 141). Turn right (west) on the Outer Road . Follow this to Lone Elk County Park . The Chubb Trailhead is the fire road before the Lone Elk gates.


DISTANCE: 7 miles (point to point). 14 miles round-trip. 4.5 miles (Castlewood Loop from Lone Elk Trailhead)

TERRAIN: Dirt and rock most of the way with a long stretch of gravel near the lone elk side

RATING: Moderate to difficult for hills and terrain