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Women’s Running Series

Come and join us on Tuesday evenings throughout April for our annual Big River Running Women’s Running Series Clinics where we’ll explore the specific needs of the female athlete.  We’ve gathered an impressive panel of experts  as well as our own expert Big River staff to discuss the unique needs and benefits of running & walking specific to women.  You can register for each of these clinics individually based on your interest and availability. Encourage your friends to join you! Learning together to become healthier is a great “Girls Night Out” option!

Women’s Nutrition Clinic:

  • Registered Nutritionist & Dietician, Emily Bailey, RD, CSSD, LD, NASM, will host a clinic on the specific needs of the female athlete for optimal performance during training and racing. 

Yoga (For Women) Clinic:

  • Julie Bergfield, a certified yoga instructor, will discuss the health benefits of yoga for female runners and lead an interactive session of yoga for runners.


Upcoming Clinics