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Helen Alexander-Kratz
Juan Arias
Ray Battistini
Julie Bergfeld
David Carruthers
Rob Davidson
Walter Davis
Roger Endicott
Beth Erman

Mitch Figas
Larry Harold
Heather Kelley
Debbie Kerber-Rehr
Terese Licavoli
Mary Loida
Terri Menghini
Kristine Mothershead

Mark Palm
Pete Palumbo
Gordon Reiter
Christian Reed
Jon Stone
Rob Thames
Jeff Vanderlinden
Steven Worley
Carol Wright


DOB: 9/3/65
Hometown: Swansea , IL
High School: St. Louis University High School - 1983
College: Illinois State University - 1987
Law School: Southern Illinois University School of Law - 1992
Graduate School: Washington University, St. Louis - Masters of Law in Tax - 1997

Lifetime PRs:
800m 1:49.7
1000m 2:21.89
1500m 3:49.8
Mile 4:06.7
8k XC 24:22
10k Road 31:13

High School:

Finished 5th 1983 4A Track – 800 (1:55.66 PR)
1600m: 4:14.6
3200m: 9:32.0


NCAA Division I All-American, 1986 indoor 1000m – 6th place (2:21.89).
Three time all-conference Missouri Valley Conference (“MVC”) XC – 1984, 1985 (7th ) & 1986 (4th ).
Two time individual MVC champion at 1000 yards – 1986 & 1987.
Member of 1985 Dogwood Relays, 1985 Kansas Relays and 1985 Drake Relays championship 4x1500 or 4x1600 relay team.


Finished 6th – 2006 USA Track Masters Outdoor Championships – 1500m
800m: 2:11 (2007 Drake Relays Masters 800m - 7th)
Mile: 4:46.52
1500m: 4:27.02
5K Road : 16:36

***Pete was also recently named to the Missouri Valley Conference All-Centennial Track and Cross Country Teams. Read the press releas HERE.

Short Term Goal:
Run each day.

Long Term Goals
As a masters runner (40-44) – break four minutes in the 1500 meter; break two minutes in the 800 meter; and break 15:30 for a road 5K.

Quite possibly the most decorated member of the Big River Racing Team, Pete is a great example of what competitive running is all about; racing to the best of your ability and have fun doing it.

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DOB: 10/31/61
Hometown: Dexter, MO
High School: Dexter Senior High School - 1980
College: University of Missouri - BS Engineering 1984
Graduate School: Drury University - MBA 1993

Masters PR's
5K Road 17:43 (Chesterfield Turkey Trot 2006)
4M Road 25:28 (Westacott Foundation 2005)
5M Road 30:38 (Millstadt Biathlon 2003)
10K XC 40:57 (USATF Ozark Ch. 2005)
7.5M Trail 1:02:28 (Pere Marquette 2006)
1/2 marathon trail 1:42:24 (Quivering Quads 2003)
1/2 marathon road 1:28:16 (Lewis & Clark 2003)
Marathon 2:56:40 (Twin Cities 2008)

Short Term Goal:
break 1 hour at Pere Marquette; break 1:38 half marathon trail  

Long Term Goals:
stay healthy, set some PRs when I reach 50 and run Boston


Favorite Movie: The Cowboys (one of several favorite John Wayne movies....."We're burnin' daylight")

Favorite Place to Train: Castlewood

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
I don't eat'll see why below.....

Most played song on your iPOD/Radio:
anything Coldplay

Who's better Superman or Batman:
Superman, but I'd love to have Batman's car

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked:
Fact....lived through it at Mizzou

Interesting Fact about me:
Allergic to Gluten (protein in wheat, barley & rye....commonly known as Celiac Disease).....I skip the pancakes, pasta, beer and pizza parties.  Many cereals are out of the question and most are cross contaminated with wheat.  Thus, I stick with eggs for breakfast. .


DOB: 12/25/66
Hometown: Fenton, MO
High School: Eureka High School
Colleges: Northeast Missouri State University (Truman) - '91
University of Wyoming '94
Truman State - '97
Degrees: BS Exercise Science
MS Exercise Physiology
MA Education

Lifetime PRs:
Mile 4:34
3K 9:07
5K 16:03
10 Mile 56:40
Marathon 2:42:24


Ran the first "Mud Bog"

Short Term Goal:
Keep the miles up and injuries down

Long Term Goal:
Win every possible division of the STL Track Club Marathon Relay.  Stay better looking than Mark Palm.


Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters

Favorite Place to Train: Shaw Nature Reserve

Favorite Breakfast Cereal
: Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch

Favorite Superhero:
Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked:
the 80's rocked

Interesting fact about me:   Went for a 7 mile run above the Arctic Circle while on my honeymoon

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Age: 11/29/66
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Webster Groves High School - 1985
College: Washington University class of 1989, BA French
Graduate School: UM-Columbia, MA Journalism

Lifetime PR's
5K Road 18:30
5M Road 31:28
10K 39:41
15K 1:01
Half Marathon 1:26.31
Marathon 2:58.49
50K 4:11

Short Term Goal:
Run a sub 3-hour marathon

Long Term Goals:
Keep running and winning as a master and setting new lifetime pr's

Julie recently joined the Masters ranks but you wouldnt be able to tell by her race results. Julie is arguably one of the top female runners in the St. Louis area and excels in a wide range of distances. She usually prefers running the longer distances but can still hold her own in the shorter stuff. Look for Julie to be one of the dominant women on the Masters circuit over the next few years.


Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite Place to Train: Texas in the winter and New England in the summer

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
any without wheat gluten (love cereal, but can't eat wheat gluten)

List the most played song on your iPOD/Radio:
"The Distance" by Cake (corny but true)

Who's better Superman or Batman:
Batman, because the Batmobile rocks

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked:
Fiction! I lived through it all and know the truth

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DOB: 1/3/63
Hometown:Auckland, New Zealand
High School: Auckland Girls Grammar
College: Auckland Institute of Tecnhnology 1983  NZ Dip PT
Grad School: Wash U 2001 MHS (PT)

Lifetime PRs:
5000m 17:43
10,000m 36:48
Half Marathon 1:22:50
20 mile 2:11
Marathon 2:58 (Auckland 1989)

Masters PRs:
1 mile 5:37 (Davis, CA July 2004)
5000m 18:39 (Auckland, Sept '06)
4 mile 24:51 (Steamboat Classic '06)
10,000m 39:06 (Run for the Stars '04)
Half Marathon 1:27:57 (Mickelson Trail SD '04)

Short Term Goal:

Recover from her injuries and get back to racing

Long Term Goal:
Make Team USA/All American for World Short Course Triathlon again in 2007, compete at Worlds in Germany. To run sub-19mins in 2007 for 5km, run sub-40mins at the end of an olympic -distance tri

Helen is one of the top Masters runners in the St. Louis area. She is also a World Class Triathlete.


Favorite Movie: The Blues Brothers

Training Venue: One Tree Hill cross country course (Auckland)

Cereal: home made granola or if I'm out, Honey Nut Cheerios

IPOD song:
"Ready to Go" by Garbage

Superman or Batman: Wonder Woman!

80's Rocked? Of course the 80's rocked, I was there!

Interesting Fact:
  I have a serious chocolate and icecream addiction (which is why I started running!)

High School:
School games captain; tennis/lifesaving/fieldhockey no real running events






DOB: 10/10/59
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Hazelwood Central High School - 1980
College: SIU Edwardsville MIS 1982

Masters PR's
3000m 11:55 (Frostbite 2006)
3 Mile 20:06 (Turkey Day Run 2006)
4 Mile 27:32 (Ivory Crockett 2006)
5 Mile 33:48 (Millstadt Biathlon 2001)
10000m 41:04 (Gumbo Flats 2006)
Half Marathon 1:36:16 (Rock N Roll AZ 2006)
Marathon 3:16:04 (Spirit of St. Louis 2004)

Short Term Goal:

Get my speed back after foot surgery

Long Term Goals:
Run a 3:10 marathon before I turn 50 (Yikes!)


Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Favorite Place to Train: Al Foster Trail

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Autumn Wheat - Kashi

List the most played song on your iPOD/Radio: I am old, I listen to talk radio.

Who's better Superman or Batman: Batman – but I like the old 60's TV show.

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked: FACT – you can't beat Journey, Foreigner and Styx !!

Interesting Fact about me: HUGE Cardinal Baseball fan, even this year.

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DOB: 10/5/63
Hometown: Wildwood, MO ( Lafayette High School )
College: Missouri State University
Degree: BS Agronomy

Lifetime PR's
Mile 4:24
2 Mile 9:17
5000m 15:10
5 Mile 25:54
10000m 32:23
Marathon 2:37:37

High School Accomplishments
2 time State Qualifier Cross Country
2 mile State Track Qualifier

College Accomplishments
Three time team cross country conference champions
Individually All-Conference ( 4th Place ) in cross country

Short Term Goals
See how far under 17:00 I can get my 5K time.
Run a sub 1:20:00 half-marathon in Spring of 2007.

Provide encouraging supportive mentoring to my daughter, Abby, as she runs the 2 mile this Spring.

Long Term Goals
Balance smart training with a smart racing schedule to get all I can out of my potential. Help my daughter develop her running abilities and help our local high schoolers with off-season training.

Mark, while training with his daughter Abby, has been racing at a very high level since joining the racing team. He recently won the Spirit of St. Louis Half Marathon Master's Division and finished well at the St. Patrick's Day Parade Run. Look for Mark this summer on the Master's circuit.


Favorite Movie: Any of the Borne series – small town Missouri kid takes on the world and “When Harry Met Sally” gotta love that lunch scene.

Favorite Place to Train: San Luis Obispo, CA. Perfect weather year around. Your choice of the beach or mountain foothills, all from your back door.

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Bite size Frosted Mini-Wheats – they're like runners, small in stature, healthy on one side, & sweet on the other.

List the most played song on your iPOD/Radio: Depends upon the mood, but U2 has always got something for me. Luckily I'm heavily influenced by my high schooler so that helps me keep it fresh.

Who's better Superman or Batman: Superman? He alone protects us all. Batman relies too heavily on Robin, his underpaid and unappreciated side kick. Besides, anyone living in a cave is just a bad day away from becoming the next Uni-bomber. I don't trust him!

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked: Indisputable fact. Even today we are obsessed with the 80's music, fashion, politics, icons …

Interesting Fact about me: I love riding my motorcycle – 0-60 MPH in 3 seconds is an addictive rush and yes I know it is dangerous.  Also, my great uncle was the artist that created the Arm and Hammer symbol on the baking soda box. I, however, am missing that artist gene.

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DOB: 12/5/66
Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey
College: St. Joseph's University - Philadelphia,PA
Degree: Marketing

Lifetime PR's
6 Mile 35:00 ('06 Kirkwood Turkey Day)
10000m 36:44 ('07 U-City Memorial Day)
Half Marathon 1:18:31 ('06 SLTC Half)
Marathon 2:48:40 ('06 NYC Marathon)

College Accomplishment:
NCAA Division I Soccer Scholarship

Short Term Goals:
Get into the best shape of my life and run 2:40 at the 2007 ING New York Marathon

Long Term Goals:
Share the joy of running with my four children - Taylor, Katelyn, Anna, and Thomas

Rob's first competitive road race was the 2004 St. Louis Half Marathon. As a late comer to the sport Rob hopes to fully understand his running potential as a masters runner with the Big River Running Team. Rob currently works for the Javo Beverage Company as Vice President of National Accounts.


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DOB: 2/25/62
Hometown: Columbia, MO (although I've lived in St. Louis since I was 2 years old)
High School: Kirkwood High School
College: University of Missouri, Columbia
Major: B.S.B.A Economics, M.B.A Finance

Lifetime PRs:


12:46 (2010 Road Series)
5K 21:35 (2009 Run for your Life)
4 Mile 28:32 (2009 Ivory Crockett 4 miler)
5 Mile 35:49 (2009 Frosty Five)
Half Marathon 1:40:55 (2009 GO! St. Louis)

Short Term Goals
Try to stay injury free.

Long Term Goals
Keep running (I'm getting old) and improve all my PR's.


Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein, Silence of the Lambs, An American President

Favorite Place to Train: the streets of Webster Groves

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Cheerios (I'm not much of a cereal eater)

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Interesting Fact About Me: I don't know how to whistle.


Hometown: St. Paul , MN (now STL)
College: Univ. of MN
Occupation: Healthcare Executive

Can't remember PRs – too old! Below is last 12 months

First ½ Marathon (Lewis & Clark '06)

1:21 Master's Champ (8 th overall)

Ivory Crockett 4 '06, Kirkwood-Webster Turkey run '06, Highland Biathlon '07, SoCo and TdK Sprint Triathlons '07, Sunset Hills 5K, CC Festival Kickoff, Xterra Klondike Trail Run, and a few other runs

Age group champ/Masters champ and/or top eight overall in each

High School Accomplishments
: All-conference baseball pitcher, basketball

College Accomplishments: Baseball pitcher D-1; “Fastest pitcher” (in the mile!)

Short Term Goals: USATF 10 Mile Championship during Twin Cities Marathon – run with the best in the country for the first 10 yards.

Long Term Goals: Get slower, slower (than other old guys!) and inspire others to exercise.


Favorite Movie: 'Searching for Bobby Fischer' (nothing to do w/ running – except btw your ears)

Favorite Place to Train: Any wooded trail to run/bike; any nice day

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Rob's Mix: Quaker Oat Squares w/ Optimum Power, Grape Nuts, (a few other kinds as available), raisins, nuts, bananas, cottage cheese, yogurt – now we're talking cereal

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio: Don't know, but my son's is ‘Sandstorm' by Darude!

Who's Better Superman or Batman: Clint Eastwood (cape & mask?)

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked? Fact, no brag (excludes Chernobyl)

Interesting Fact About me: Luckiest husband; Father of 4, coach of 4 sports; national age group triathlete.

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Age: 51
Hometown: Evansville, IN
College: University of Evansville (B.S.), Ball State University (M.S), University of Illinois Chicago (M.S.)
Occupation: Biochemist

Lifetime PRs:



30:53 (2007 Schnuck's Salmon Run)

Half Marathon




Short Term Goals

Place in Age Group at GO! Half Marathon

Long Term Goals
- Compete in ITU World Long Course Triathlon in August 2008
- Travel to a half marathon outside the St. Louis area in the next year or two.


Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Place to Train: Creve Coeur Lake

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Go Lean Crunch

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio: Red Rain, by Peter Gabriel

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked? Fact

Interesting Fact About Me:
Fan of Star Trek


DOB: 9/15/57
Hometown: Edinburgh Scotland ……. currently St Louis
College: University Wolverhampton England
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer

Masters PR's
4:58 (July 09)
10:06 (December 09)
5k 17:47 (November 09)
6 Mile 35:42 (November 09)
10K 37:24 (October 09)
Marathon 3:07:29 (December 08)
1500 4:08 (summer 1973!) 4:41 (July 09)
800 1:57 (summer 1973!) 2:19 (July 09)

Short Term Goals: To get past the next 33 months!

Long Term Goals: To drop my Marathon PR to an Age graded International Standard (sub 2:50:00)


Favorite Movie: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Favorite Place to Train: “Brian Lyons Loop” in St Louis Hills

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Wheaties with a banana

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio: Meat Loaf “Bat Out Of Hell”

Favorite Superhero : Breaveheart!

Fact or Fiction, the 80's rocked? Fiction it was the 70's!

Interesting Fact About me: I love to and can cook! And I am a tough SOB!

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DOB: 9/16/68
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Parkway Central
College: Washington University
Major: Electrical Engineering

Lifetime PRs:


5k track


10k Road




Short Term Goals:
sub 16 5K, sub 35 10k, sub 2:45 marathon

Long Term Goals: stay fit and avoid injury

Accomplishments: helped set my high school's record for 4x800 (7:52), which still stands; 2 nd place UAA Conf champs 1500m 1989; 3 rd place UAA Conf champs 5000m 1990; top ten UAA x-country champs 1989


Favorite Movie: Quest for Fire

Favorite Place to Train: Forest Park

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: granola mixed with yogurt and mixed fruit

Favorite Superhero: Dr. Strange

Interesting Fact About Me:
I believe in the healing power of lunges…

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Hometown: St. Louis, MO
High School: Lindbergh
College: Mizzou – BA English, 1990
Occupation: Domestic Engineer/Mom

800M (2007) 2:42
Mile 5:36
3000M (2007) 11:53
5K (2006) 19:38
10 Miles (2006) 1:12:02
Half Marathon


Marathon (2007) 3:26:38

Short Term Goals:
Get Healthy and get back to racing!

Long Term Goals: Set Mile PR in 2010; within the next few years, get back to Boston.


Favorite Movie:
It's a Wonderful Life

Favorite Place to Train:
Forest Park and Sugar Creek in Kirkwood

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Life ( Answer would be Buc Wheats if General Mills still made them)

Favorite Superhero:

Interesting Fact About Me:
I love going to Trivia Nights - open to any and all invitations!

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Hometown: Festus
College: William Woods University / UMSL (Grad)
Occupation: Adjunct Biology Instructor / Mom of 3

1 Mile 5:47 (2009)
5k 20:34 (2009)
5 Mile (St Pats 2009) 34:11 (St. Pats 2009)
15k Trail 1:22 (2010)
Half Marathon 1:38.45 (2010)

Short Term Goals:
South City Racing Series
2 Sprint Triathlons this summer

Long Term Goals:
Olympic Distance Triathlon


Favorite Movie:
Any Coen brothers movie- 'Big Lebowski' is a classic

Favorite Place to Train:
Tower Grove Park because it's two blocks from my house

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Yogurt, peanut butter, blueberries mixed

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio:
Ludo- Girls on Trampolines
Chili Peppers- 'Hump de Bump'

Who's Better Superman or Batman:
Batman- my son would disown me if I said otherwise.

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked?
Fact- think early U2

Interesting Fact About Me:
I love Ultimate Frisbee

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courtesy of paul nordmann photography




DOB: 11/7/64
: Freeport, IL
College: Undergrad @ Southeast Missouri State Dr. of Optometry @ University of Missouri College of Optometry
Occupation: Optometrist

Lifetime PRs:





1/2 Marathon




Short Term Goals:
Enjoy life and running and get a little faster.

Long Term Goals:
Always enjoy life and running and be Thankful for all things.


Favorite Movie:
Too many good ones. My favorite must not be out yet.

Favorite Place to Train:
Queeny Park

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Fresh Blueberries with Bite Size Frosted Mini Wheats

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio:
something Michael Jackson

Who's Better Superman or Batman:

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked?
Fact. While the 80s did rock, you can't beat the old school jams of the 70s.

Interesting Fact About Me:
I have three awsome kids and we love to have fun!

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DOB: 11/11/66
: Houston, TX
College: Sam Houston State University
Occupation: Buyer






1 Mile



145' 5"

Short Term Goals:
Become technically proficient in the high jump and long jump. Make the top 25 national age group rankings in the 400, 800, 1500, mile, high jump, long jump and javelin.

Long Term Goals:
Compete in a track meet in all 50 states. Run, jump, and throw until I get my dirt blanket.


Favorite Movie:
Comedies by Mel Brooks; Blazing Saddles, History of the World, Spaceballs…

Favorite Place to Train:
Vianney, Clayton, South Lake Tahoe , or any soft track that I can find.

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio:
Anything by New Order

Who's Better Superman or Batman:

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked?

Interesting Fact About Me:
The large scar on my right leg that looks like I was stabbed, mauled, or impaled, is actually from from a tricycle accident.

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DOB: 7/22/68
Hometown: St. Louis
High School: Westminster Christian Academy
College: University of Missouri — St. Louis
Major: Mass Communications


Marathon (Oct 2008)


Half- Marathon (Jan 2010)


20K (Jan 2010) 1:34:39
15K (Feb 2010) 1:09:15
10-Mile (March 2009) 1:15:12

5-Mile (2008)


5k (2008)


Short Term Goals:
staying healthy

Long Term Goals:
3:20 marathon; improve speed and endurance; staying strong in the second half of a marathon


Favorite Place to Train:
Litzsinger Road, Forest Park, Grant's Trail

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Protein Plus mixed with various other cereals

Favorite Superhero:
Wonder Woman

Interesting Fact About Me:
I didn't start running until late 2004

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DOB: 5/12/63
Hometown: Rockville, MD
High School: Wheaton (Maryland)
College: Virginia Tech
Major: Mechancial Engineering

Masters PRs:

1 Mile




5k 17:30
10k 37:12
Half Marathon 1:21.20



Short Term Goals: Train more consistently and Improve at least one of my PR's

Long Term Goals: Avoid nagging injuries and try another Ironman.


Favorite Movie: This is Spinal Tap

Favorite Place to Train: Queeny or Castlewood Park

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Granola

Favorite Superhero: The Flash

Interesting Fact About Me: I was born in Germany and have travelled to all 50 states.

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DOB: 7/20/65
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
High School: Cor Jesu Academy
College: (Southwest) Missouri State University
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics


1 Mile

5:34.29 - May 5, 2004 (Vianney’s Track)
3K 11:57 - July 3, 2005 (Fair St. Louis Run)
2 Mile 12:24.23 - March 23, 2003 (San Diego Race)
5k 20:13 - November 15, 2003 (Fenton Race)
4 Mile 29:03.00 - January 31, 2004 (Frostbite Series)
5 Mile 36  min - St. Pat's Run
10K 45:25 - November 6, 2005 (Clayton Run)
6 Mile 44 min - Nov 20, 2003 (Kirkwood/Webster Run)
12K 58:51 - December 18, 2004 (Frostbite Series)
15K 1:14 - February 14, 2004 (Frostbite Series)
10 Mile 1:17.14 - Nov 26, 2005 (Alton Race)
Half Marathon 1:47 - September 21, 2003 (Lewis & Clark)
Marathon 3:48:59 - January 18, 2004 (Carlsbad Marathon)

Played volleyball for SMSU and didn't start running until after college.

Short Term Goals:
Train for the Louisville Ironman 2010.

Long Term Goals:
Finish running marathons in the 21 states I have left.


Favorite Movie:
Bridges of Madison County

Favorite Place to Train:
Forest Park and Grant's Trail

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Fiber One

Favorite Superhero:

Interesting Fact About Me:
I was struck by lightning on Aug. 3, 2009 while training for the Louisville Ironman.  I was 78 miles into my 100 mile bike ride a month before the race.  I was blind for 4 hours and paralyzed for 30 min. and had heart problems for a few days.  I have fully recovered and I'm running, biking, and swimming again.    I have also completed 54 marathons in 29 states as of the end of 2009, and one Ironman in 2007.

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Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
College: Maryville University
Occupation: IT Security Analyst

Lifetime PRs:


1:59.1 (1988)
Mile 4:37 (1988)
5 Mile 31:22 (St. Pat's 2009)
10K 39:00 (1997)
Half Marathon 1:33:05 (Lewis Clark 2004)
Marathon 3:30 (St. Louis 1998 1st marathon)

Short Term Goals:
My short term goal is to get back into racing shape. Excluding last summer's speed work, I've been running the bulk of my miles at a slower marathon type tempo. I want to do more speed training and get back to sub 5 minute miles by the Big River one mile time trial. Other short term goals by the end of autumn include subs: 18:30 5k, 39:00 10k, 1:30 ½ marathon and 3:20 marathon.

Long Term Goals:
I have not focused on a long term goal at this time. Currently I just want to enjoy the moment.


Favorite Movie:
A Soldier's Story, Good Will Hunting and The Terminator

Favorite Place to Train:
Forest Park , Creve Coeur and the open roads of St. Louis

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Frosted Flakes, Banana and Gatorade

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio:
Tarik Teserra and I Believe I Can Fly

Who's Better Superman or Batman:
Superman strongest but Batman coolest

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked?

Interesting Fact About Me:
I am a sucker for IMOS sausage pizza accompanied by a Pepsi soda and rainbow sherbet ice cream to top it off!

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Age: 42
High School
: Wentzville High School
College: Ran for University of Missouri and Bradford University (England); Masters in Counseling from Lindenwood University
Occupation: Counselor

Lifetime PRs:


3000m(i) 8:32
5000m(o) 14:51
8k(xc) 25:15
10k(xc) 31:59
Pere Marquette 57:09

HS Highlights:

--Soph:   State Qualifier in Wrestling (119 pd.) Team placed 3rd
--Junior:  5th in 3A (XC) Team placed 3rd; 5th place in State Wrestling Champs (126 pd.) Team 4th; 7th place in 3A 3200m; Team 4th
--Senior: 13th place in 4A XC (16:40); Team 5th; GAC Champion: McNair (16:20); 1st Team All Metro Individual (XC), Team finished ranked #1 in Post Dispatch; 3rd place in State Wrestling Champs (126 pd.) Team 2nd

College Highlights:
--Ran for University of Missouri: Top finisher in Big 8 (20th) and Regionals (25th) last two years. 
--Competed in England National University Championships @ Crystal Palace, London for Bradford University (1500m and 5000m)
--Member of Bradford University Cricket Team (Mid Wicket)

Post College/Masters:
--NORBA Mountain Bike State Championships Runner up (Sport Class-Mtn. Bike)
--Pere Marquette: 1:02:30 (40-44 Runner-up)
--National Long Course Championships Triathlon Qualifier (Masters Division)

Short Term Goals:
Drop 10 to 15 pounds

Long Term Goals:
Return to Leadville 100 (Mountain Bike) and finish this time.


Favorite Movie:
Smokey and the Bandit

Favorite Place to Train:
Lewis and Clark Trail (when not overgrown)

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
No Cereal, Glorious Donuts

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio:
Anything Johnny Cash

Who's Better Superman or Batman:
Tie between Frank Miller versions of Daredevil and The Dark Knight Returns (he beat Superman up)

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked?
I was there in HS/College (yeah, I had Vans and Parachute Pants and not alone in this)

Interesting Fact About Me:
Running Coach with Team Challenge (Crohn's and Colitis Foundation) training athletes for Half Marathon while they raise money to fight these diseases.  Completed Masters  Research Thesis on Competitive Anxiety with Road Race Runners.

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Christian Reed
Age: 40
Barker, New York (Currently: Columbia, MO)
College:University of Rochester (B.A.,M.A), University of Missouri (Ph.D.)
Occupation: Exercise Physiology Teacher, Distance Running Coach, Sports Psychologist

Lifetime PRs:
5000m 14:25
4 miles 18:37
8k 24:09
10k 30:30
Half Marathon 1:08:02

Short Term Goals:
Fall 2010: Sub-16 5k, Reestablish distance base

Long Term Goals:
Compete at Masters level National Championships (Cross Country, Track, Road Races)


Favorite Movie:

Favorite Place to Train:
Golden Hill State Park (Somerset, New York)

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
Apple Jacks

List the Most Played Song on Your Ipod/Radio:
True Faith (New Order)

Who's Better Superman or Batman:

Fact or Fiction, the 80's Rocked?

Interesting Fact About Me:
NCAA All-American in Cross Country and Track (10,000m); NCAA National Team Championship in Cross Country

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