The Road to Houston -The Goal



The goal of our Road to Houston website is to give you guys an all-access pass to the training habits of Big River's group of Olympic Trials hopefuls. The beauty of our sport is that regardless of what pace we run if we have run a marathon we know the dedication it takes, we know what it's like to run a hot long run in July or a cold one in January and we know what those last 6 miles feel like!

So first and foremost we hope the readers of this site can gain some ideas for their own training. Most of the training the Road to Houston athletes are doing has been gained from reading about different methods from runners all over the world. Second, we hope reading about their struggles, their triumphs and their races will serve as motivation. As runners, there can never be just one thing that motivates us if we are going to remain runners for life. Rather, we have to be constantly motivated by many different things; an upcoming race, a challenge from a friend, an article in a magazine, etc. We hope you can add these athletes and their stories to that list.

So those are the goals for this website. You can read about each individual athlete's goals by clicking on the athletes page.

Happy reading...and happy running!