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Big River Personal Coaching

Big River Personal Coaching

Big River Personal Coaching has been helping area runners achieve their goals since 2008. During this time, running has become one of the most popular fitness activities in the country. Running goes beyond just finishing a race. We are here to help you on your personal journey by providing you with coaching and training advice that can make training a fun and rewarding experience. BRPC provides step-by-step instruction to guide you on the path to achieve your goals, all while helping you become a more knowledgeable and injury free runner. We work with all ability levels, whether you are a beginner or Boston Marathon qualifier, BRPC has a training plan or service for you. The journey of training can change your life! Sign up today and find out how!

Clients of Big River Personal Coaching receive:

  • 1hr in-depth consultation to discuss your goals, schedule, and training history.
  • Individualized training plan for your specific race (1mi, 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon or even an ultra marathon). Each plan is designed for YOU at YOUR pace.
  • Expertise and guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable BRPC Coaches.
  • Optional one-on-one training sessions.
  • Unlimited communication with your Big River Coach.

Questions? Ready to sign-up?

Contact Tim Bradley at 314-882-1778 or tim@bigriverrunning.com
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Big River Personal Coaching Clients    Big River Personal Coaching Clients

Why Personal Coaching?

Running can be a very rewarding experience, but at times can also test one’s motivation and discipline. In order to be successful it is important to set goals, make a detailed plan and then have support so you can follow through and execute the plan. personal coaching offers numerous benefits that can help you stay injury free, improve your results and help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Benefits of Personal Coaching:

1. Having a plan – Waking up every morning and winging it is not the most effective way to train. You must have a personalized but sometimes flexible plan so that you know what you are trying to accomplish each day. With unlimited communication with your coach, you now have someone who can make adjustments and help you navigate whatever life may throw your way.

2. Motivation - When it gets tough out on the lonely roads or trails you need someone to pick you up and help you to keep going. With Big River Personal Coaching you always have a coach who is just an email or phone call away. Additionally, with the one on one coaching options, you will have the opportunity to have a coach by your side helping you along the way.

3. Accountability – Ever skip a run and you were the only one who knew? Now you have someone to answer to! Your coach will be that extra incentive to get out the door.

4. Knowledge – Don’t have a degree in exercise science or have time to read every running magazine? With our knowledgeable staff we can help you with any training questions you might have. You no longer have to be confused about what you need to do to get better and stay injury free. Coach Bradley has been featured in Runner’s World Magazine, Men’s Health, Competitor.com and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and has the experience and knowledge to help you meet your goals.

5. Fun – Our coaching staff never wants to make running a chore. The core of our philosophy is for your training to be fun and to help you achieve your goals. BRPC can get you connected with the greater Big River Running community that includes, group runs, new races, social events and educational clinics. You are getting more than personal coaching; you are becoming part of a true running community.