Summer SpeedWork

Social Distance Summer Speedwork

Week of June 1 – Week of July 13, 2020

On Your Own

While the workouts and paces are posted below for you to follow on your own, we’d love for you to “sign up” so we can communicate with you specifically about workout details, giveaway opportunities and special announcements. Will consist of an email every other week or so.


Do you have the need for SPEED? Join us for our FREE Summer Speedwork Sessions – VIRTUAL in 2020! These workouts are for anyone and everyone who wants to increase their speed for the 5k distance. It’s not just for “fast” runners! You don’t have to be fast to get faster, right?!

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WHAT: Track workouts designed to increase speed with the goal of peaking at the 5k distance at the end of the summer.

WHY: Speedwork has been proven to lower times for all distance races from the mile to the marathon. Big River Running hosts these free workouts (virtually this year) because we want you to improve as an individual runner. Engaging with the running community in a fun and authentic way is at the core of our mission and philosophy, which is why we host FREE programs like Summer Speedwork. We just ask that in return, you give Big River the opportunity to help you with your running and walking shoes and gear this summer.

HOW: Once a week (anytime you choose!) run the speed workout we’ve suggested. We’ve modified this year’s workouts so you do not need to use a track (as many are still closed). We recommend using your GPS watch to look at the distances for each repeat or programming the workouts directly to your device (if compatible). Find a nice, flat stretch of sidewalk, road or park that is at least a half mile long!

Last but not least, remember to keep your social distance during these workouts!

Workout schedule & Pace Targets


Since you’ll be running these workouts on your own, there aren’t groups. You simply want to make sure you are choosing the right target times for your 5k goal time, which should be whatever you would like to run at the end of the summer. The cool thing is you can always move up or graduate to a faster goal time as you get faster!

The workouts are written for two larger categories. Those who have a goal 5k of 16:00 – 25:30 or 26:00 and those who have a goal 5k of 26:00 or more. It’s important to take into account time on your feet which is why there are two categories.

Workout Schedule

Virtual Race Calendar

In-person races might not be happening right now, but there are lots of LOCAL virtual races that support small businesses in St. Louis, local charities and more. So get your racing fix and sign up for a virtual race this summer!

Thanks for your support!